Proper care of your silver will preserve it for years. The most important factor is using it frequently which will keep it polished and fairly tarnish-free. The warm finish made up of thousands of tiny scuffs and scratches is known as “Patina”. Old silver is desirable just for this desired Patina. Here are the key steps in caring for silver:

  1. Remove tarnish or oxidation
    • Use a variety of methods ranging from rubbing with a cloth to dipping.
    • Remove early stages of tarnish by wiping the surface with a liquid or soft cream polish or by using a pair of polishing gloves.
    • To remove heavy tarnish, apply more elbow grease or use a stronger paste polish.
  2. Polish the surface
    • Use quality a polish, such as our Miracle Silver Polish.
    • Dips, creams with abrasives and other “miracle cleaners” are not recommended.
  3. Prevent tarnish or corrosion
    • Use tarnish preventatives, again such as our Miracle Silver Polish which leave a light wax-like finish after cleaning and polishing.
    • Polishes that require washing after the rubbing or polishing process will remove the tarnish barrier.
  4. Store your silver in airtight cabinets or drawers. Tarnish absorbing aids such as tarnish strips, camphor or charcoal will help.
  5. Store your silver in airtight zip lock bags (be sure the silver is dry and free of corrosives such as salt).
  6. Wrapping your clean, dry silver in Pacific Silvercloth® provides the best results. Shop for this on our store; Silver Care Products.


Remember, lemon, mustard, salt, mayonnaise, egg, and rubber will discolor silver you can buy the product here. Should you develop an unsightly stain, try to remove it with silver polish and a cloth. If that fails, call us at 404-875-9582 or e-mail us.