30+ Years in Silver!

In 1977, Mark Antebi took the helm of Estes Plating. Three years later, he merged the company with Simmons Silverplating, creating Estes-Simmons. While that was a very successful business for Mark and his family, he has since switched gears and opened Atlanta Silver & Antiques, his dream venture.

Many collectors have come to rely on Mark and his more-than-three decades of experience to build their silver holdings. Says Mark, “Being a collector and aficionado myself, I want to make it easy for people to find what they want.”

By request, Mark will shop for customers seeking a specific item. In fact, he states, “It’s something I really enjoy doing. I’m so glad searching for unique item and finding matches for a particular set are two of our most popular services. English, American, or Continental Silver… it doesn’t matter. I really am a silver lover’s best friend.”

Our retail shop features silver flatware, trays, tea sets, baby items, goblets, pitchers, and hollowware, such as bowls, vases and punch bowls in Sterling Silver, Coin Silver, and “800” Silver, as well as Old Sheffield and Victorian Plate.

Additionally, we sponsor a nationwide road show of silver clinics and carry a full line of silver care products. Silver antiques are sold at our Atlanta location, online, at antique shows, and through eBay.

We hope you have learned a little bit more about us. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area, we hope you’ll visit our shop. And if you live in Atlanta, feel free to stop by anytime.

For more information, please call 404-875-9582.